What I Do

I'm a Web Developer, Graphic Designer and Educator providing Web Design in Cork

Web Developement

I develop great websites for clients and my own ventures. I use Laravel for my own web app projects.

Graphic Design

I also design logos, posters, business cards. If you need flyers, posters or photo retouching let me know.


I produce tutorial posts and tutorial videos in areas such as, HTML, CSS, PHP, Illustrator, Photoshop, Javascript etc...


Some Projects I've Done
Music Camp

Music Camp

Poster Series

I designed a collection of 3 posters for "The Music Studio". The posters were for various music camps.

Factotem Website

Website Design

This is a website Design for a band that I play in called Factotem. The website includes E-Commerce, Audio Streaming etc...

Johanna Kiely

Blog Redesign / PHP

Johanna Kiely is a lifestyle blogger. The work I did on this site included a redesign and editing PHP.


Tattoo Appointment Web App

This is a custom web application that I've made for managing tattoo appointments.

The Shepherd Team

The Shepherd Team

American Real Estate

Custom Business Card design for a client based in America.

Dawn of Music Poster

Dawn of Music Poster

Fictional Poster for Fictional Event

I made this poster for a fictional event just to pass some time. Jed Foundation is real and a great organisation preventing suicide.


Lessons and Posts that I produce.

Get in Touch

Start a Project or Just start a Conversation

If you have a project I'd love to hear from you!

No project to small and most not to big. That being said, don't expect me to build you the next amazon just yet! 

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